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The following is a job description for a position of employment opening at St Paul’s.

Parish Administrator Position

Job Description:
The Parish Administrator works closely with the rector, parish office holders and ministry leaders. The Administrator performs various administrative tasks important to the life of the Parish. The Administrator provides executive...


  • Sermon – Jan 19 Thumbnail Sermon – Jan 19
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    The Lamb of God – John 1:29 “Behold the Lamb of God. Behold him who takes away the sin of the world.” This is the grand and strange statement that John the Baptist makes when he sees Jesus walking by. And Christians have been calling Jesus the Lamb of God since then. Many of us […]

  • Sermon – Nov 10 Thumbnail Sermon – Nov 10
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    Images of Resurrected Life One of my favourite television shows when I was in school was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. In it a young woman has the mission to kill vampires and other nasty creatures that threaten the world, her community, friends and family. The show is a cult favourite and the figure of the […]

  • All Saints Sunday Thumbnail All Saints Sunday
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    November 3, 2013 Who are the saints? Throughout the year, on many days of the month, the church celebrates people who have in their unique stories revealed God. They have done this in often memorable ways. Many are remembered for starting schools, hospitals, monasteries, and other communities, e.g. people like Benedict and his sister Scholastica […]

  • Sept 15 Sermon Thumbnail Sept 15 Sermon
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    The Character of God: Luke 15:1-10 In last week’s gospel, Jesus was teaching about the high cost of discipleship, asking for careful thought and consideration of anyone who felt drawn to walk in his path. In essence, discipleship is a lifelong journey of putting one’s relationship with God first, humbly, patiently, faithfully. And yet, for […]

  • Sept 8 Sermon Thumbnail Sept 8 Sermon
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    The salty gospel of Jesus: Luke 14:25-33 Some of you may know that before I became a priest, I worked in communications. Well it was that background that came to the fore as I was reading the gospel today. Particularly when I heard the shocking words: “Whoever comes to me and does not hate father […]

  • Sermon – Aug 18 Thumbnail Sermon – Aug 18
    Posted by ParishAdmin

    Mythbusters and Mary There is a popular cable tv show called Mythbusters. In each episode the show’s hosts test whether a popular belief or urban legend is true, plausible, or busted as false. For instance, they tested to see whether it was actually easy to shoot fish in a barrel (It turns out it’s not […]

  • Sermon – Aug 11 Thumbnail Sermon – Aug 11
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    Parables of Watchfulness How many of you have heard of the Iona Community? They are a group of people from different Christian traditions who live in a dispersed community with a centre on the remote island of Iona in Scotland. They have become known for their commitment to peace and social justice and for the […]

  • Sermon – Aug 4 Thumbnail Sermon – Aug 4
    Posted by ParishAdmin

    Colossians 3:3 For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God. For you have died. What has died in you? Paul answers the question in this way: Old ways of being and behaviours have died. He writes a list of vices that are examples of the kinds of behaviours that are […]

  • The Epiphany of The Lord Thumbnail The Epiphany of The Lord
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    The world was going to end. But it didn’t. How often have we been here, listening to various media outlets trying to grab our attention with apocalyptic predictions which don’t come true? So often – and this most recent one perhaps so weak – that several TV shows taped and aired episodes whose jokes were […]

  • 1st Sunday after Christmas – Markus’ last sermon Thumbnail 1st Sunday after Christmas – Markus’ last sermon
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    Have you ever had a chance to look at one of our big communion wafers? They are large enough to be seen from the very back, but you probably haven’t noticed that they are perforated. These indentions are supposed to help you break the wafers into 24 nice little pieces. “Supposed to” being the operative […]

  • Advent 4 Thumbnail Advent 4
    Posted by ParishAdmin

    Sermon on Luke 1:39-55   Advent 4   December 23, 2012                  Ross Bliss Pregnant.  A word with a curious ‘charge’. A familiar enough concept, but depending on the context, still sometimes startling, even to our jaded post-modern sensibilities.  Pregnant.  A beautiful thing, really, obviously, beautiful, but being so obvious, also potentially scandalous. I mean we all know […]

  • Stewardship Moments Thumbnail Stewardship Moments
    Posted by ParishAdmin

    by Sandra Vander Schaaf Did you know that last year, worldwide, corporations spent 131 billion dollars on advertising?  Make no mistake, that’s a 131 billion dollar stewardship campaign.  Its goal is to persuade you that you are inadequate, you don’t have the right stuff, you don’t have enough stuff, and the answer to all of […]

  • Stewardship Moments Thumbnail Stewardship Moments
    Posted by ParishAdmin

    by Rose Mary Drefke My introduction to St. Paul’s happened five years ago when I came to Vancouver on vacation. At that time I attended first the Wednesday evening service and then the morning service the following Sunday .I knew immediately that everyone was accepted in this beautiful old the church. It seemed that the […]

  • What happens when Christmas just isn’t a time filled with joy? Thumbnail What happens when Christmas just isn’t a time filled with joy?
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    We’re Christians; we’re about to celebrate the Incarnation, the time when our God takes on flesh and chooses to dwell among us. How can we feel sad or lonely or filled with some aching something that we can’t pin down? We just get over it…or keep it inside and don’t rain on everybody else’s parade. […]

  • St. Nicholas Thumbnail St. Nicholas
    Posted by ParishAdmin

    At a recent ordination of the BC Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, one of my Lutheran colleagues shared this story: On the way to a meeting, he had stopped at a church he had known for a long time. These days, its congregation is on the move and the building is up […]

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  • Job Opening Thumbnail Job Opening

    The following is a job description for a position of employment opening at St Paul’s. Parish Administrator Position Job Description: The Parish Administrator works closely with the rector, parish office holders and ministry leaders. The Administrator performs various administrative tasks important to the life of the Parish. The Administrator provides executive assistance to the Rector, […]

  • Schedule for Holy Week and Easter Thumbnail Schedule for Holy Week and Easter

    The following is a list of services for Holy Week and Easter. Please join us. All are welcome. 13 April 2014, Palm Sunday, 8am, 9:15am and 11am (starting at Nelson Park) 14 April 2014, Monday in Holy Week, 7pm: Holy Eucharist 15 April 2014, Tuesday in Holy Week, 7pm: Holy Eucharist 16 April 2014, Wednesday […]

  • Crash Course in Bible Study Thumbnail Crash Course in Bible Study

    Feel stuck every time you open the Bible? Tired of hearing verses taken out of context? This Lent you are invited to learn the steps that make for fruitful, thoughtful, and life-giving reading of the Bible. You will learn how to put the scriptures back into their context, ask relevant questions, and access some great […]

  • Ash Wednesday Services Thumbnail Ash Wednesday Services

      Please join us for Ash Wednesday services. Wednesday, March 5 (12Noon and 7pm). Ash Wednesday marks the beginning of the 40-day liturgical period of prayer and fasting or abstinence of Lent. All are welcome. Bring a friend.

  • Labyrinth NYE/New Year’s Day Programming Thumbnail Labyrinth NYE/New Year’s Day Programming

    For well over a decade, the end of the calendar year has been an important time in the Labyrinth, and the cusp between 2013 and 2014 is no different. Please join us as a prelude to your celebrations elsewhere, as a refuge from the craziness of the night, or as a celebration of light amid […]

  • Christmas Eve / Christmas Day / NYE Services Thumbnail Christmas Eve / Christmas Day / NYE Services

    As Advent comes to a close and the Christmas Season begins, please note the following upcoming services: – 24 Dec., Christmas Eve: 5pm, – 24 Dec., Christmas Eve: 11pm (music starts at 10:30pm featuring a 4 piece horn ensemble) – 25 Dec., Christmas Day: Our Christmas Day service begins at 11am Please also feel free […]

  • New Bishop Elected Thumbnail New Bishop Elected

    History was made at Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver when 300 delegates to a special Electoral Synod on Saturday, November 30, 2013, elected the first woman and also the first US citizen to be bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster and the first diocesan bishop in the province. Following the third ballot, at 2:20pm, Archbishop […]

  • Labyrinth Workshop Thumbnail Labyrinth Workshop

    “The Black Madonna – a Door into Spirit” Nov 15 and 16th, 2013 – Please register today The first time we encounter an image of the Black Madonna it can open a door in our hearts and minds. Mystery hovers about these images and makes us wonder about the ancient roots of the spiritual life. […]

  • “All Souls’ Day” at the Labyrinth Thumbnail “All Souls’ Day” at the Labyrinth

    Since the 10th century the Church has observed the 2nd of November as a day for remembering the souls of the departed: our family members, our friends, our mentors, our ancestors, our loved ones, all those who have given our lives meaning but whom we see no longer. At the Labyrinth we are planning a […]

  • Blessing of the Animals Thumbnail Blessing of the Animals

    A “Blessing of the Pets and Animals” will be held at St Paul’s on October 20 at 2pm. Please accept this as your invitation to attend. All 2 legged, four legged, no legged and multi-legged animals are most WELCOME! See you then!

  • New Church Office Hours Thumbnail New Church Office Hours

    New Church Office Hours Effective Sept 9/2013, the Church Office is open to the public at the following times: Mondays: 9am – noon, Wednesdays: 9am – 4pm, Thursdays: 10am – 2:30pm The office will no longer be open on Saturdays to allow for the new Monday opening.

  • St. Paul’s Community Day Thumbnail St. Paul’s Community Day

    St. Paul’s 2nd Annual Community Day – On Saturday September 28th St. Paul’s will once again set up in front of the church and open our doors, and our hearts and minds to our surrounding community and people passing by. All are invited from 11:00 to 4:00 as we meet and greet, offer food and […]

  • We have a new rector!! Thumbnail We have a new rector!!

    The Rev. Jessica Schaap is beginning her tenure here at St Paul’s as Rector. Please join us Aug 1 (Thursday) at 11:15am as St Paul’s welcomes The Rev. Jessica Schaap at her first service with us. Jessica`s first Sunday with us will be Sunday, Aug 4 (8am and 10am services). We invite you all to […]

  • June 30 – 10am Service + BBQ Thumbnail June 30 – 10am Service + BBQ

    This Sunday, June 30, St. Paul’s will hold an 8am and combined 10am service to celebrate the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul. The service will be followed by a BBQ in the gardens behind the Pendrellis Building. Please join us in celebration. Donations gratefully accepted at the BBQ to cover costs. Help in […]

  • List of Visting Clergy Thumbnail List of Visting Clergy

    Please find below a list of visiting clergy in the interim leading up to the Rev. Jessica Schaap’s arrival on Aug 1/13: June 27 (Thursday), 11:15am – The Rev Brian Heinrich June 30 (Sunday), 8am and 10pm – The Rev Brian Heinrich July 3 (Wednesday), 7pm – The Rev. Michael Fuller July 4 (Thursday), 11:15am […]

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