This year, Good Friday falls on March 30, 2018. Our Good Friday service is will be at 12 noon. The liturgy of Good Friday includes three central elements: the Solemn Intercession, the Veneration of the Cross and Communion from the Blessed Sacraments. In keeping with ancient custom, the Holy Eucharist is not celebrated, as any celebration of the Holy Eucharist is a celebration of the Resurrection.

Instead, bread and wine consecrated to be the body and blood of Christ on Maundy Thursday, are handed out as “a simple and moving way for people to feed on the Crucified One.” (McCausland’s Order of Divine Services)

Another central element of the service is the Veneration of the Cross. The “veneration of the Cross can provide an opportunity for a wholehearted personal and communal devotion.” (ibid.) As with any veneration, we do not worship the material (i.e. the wood of the cross), but we worship what it symbolises (i.e. the death of Christ Jesus for us).