Sunday – 2017 May 21 launches our exploration of the potential for a new liturgy at St. Paul’s. This exploration is part of the Action Plan that followed the Deep Talks series in the Fall of 2015 and was approved by Vestry in the Spring of 2016.

In both the 9am and 11 am services, an Instructed Eucharist will be presented by our rector, The Rev. Jessica Schaap and Sharon Smith. An Instructed Eucharist is an opportunity to press the “pause” button during the liturgy to talk about the meaning, structure, and symbolism of our worship. This will give us all a chance to revisit and maybe learn for the first time why we do what we do in the Eucharist.

To download a copy of the Instructed Eucharist booklet in pdf file, Please click instructed liturgy 2.

The hope is that it will increase our knowledge and participation in the Eucharist and enable us to thoughtfully respond to the questions in the survey.

The Parish-wide survey is a chance to tell one another what are the most and the least meaningful aspects of the particular celebration of the Eucharist that we attend. It will be available in paper and online form on May 21, 2017.  The survey results will be offered back to the whole community with an opportunity for discussion by the end of June.