Plan to join other walkers Friday October 13th 2017 to celebrate the gift of the labyrinth given twenty years ago this year.

Canada’s first indoor labyrinth was birthed as a result of the initiative taken by St. Paul’s Associate Priest at the time, Rev’d Dr. April Stanley. April’s creative vision and appreciation of art and the sacred space led others both in the parish and the community to make this vision a reality. From idea to the reality took only a year 1996 to 1997. Money came in as needed, talents of interested contributors were offered; a graphic designer, artists, a mathematician, and architect, provided much of the expertise necessary to create this sacred space in the run-down upper hall. A pattern for the ancient 13th century stone labyrinth in the nave of the Chartres Cathedral in France was purchased and traced on the refinished floor following the ancient practice of sacred geometry – geometry and mathematical ratios, harmonics and proportion. By these elements, it is thought, a believer contemplates the Great Mysteries, and the Great Design. As with the medieval architects and stone masons building great cathedrals our sacred space is a means of honoring the Sacred.

Join us for a special evening of gratitude and simple celebration.

Come gather with us as we walk together grateful for the years in which we’ve shared this sacred space.

This is a FREE event. No registration is required.