This year’s Maundy Thursday falls on March 29, 2018. We commemorate the Last Supper of our Lord before his crucifixion.

At 7pm, we gather at the church for the Eucharist, Washing of the Feet, Stripping of the Altar and we then make our way to the Altar of Repose (Columbarium Chapel) for a Prayer Vigil.

The Eucharist. The Eucharist is a Christian rite meant to symbolize the Last Supper. It involves eating bread and drinking wine, which we believe communicates the real presence of Jesus.

Washing of Feet. The religious rite of washing feet is derived from a story in the Bible where Jesus washed the feet of his friends as an act of loving service.

Stripping of the Altar.  This is to signify Christ leaving His disciples after the Last Supper to face His death. The items on the altar, representing the presence of Christ, are all taken away and every cross in the church is shrouded in black, to represent the idea of Christ going to Calvary to die. The altar is left stripped on Good Friday, because of the Crucifixion.

Prayer Vigil. This commemorates our Lord’s vigil in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before he died. He asked his disciples to stay awake with him.