St Paul’s Anglican Church has a capacity of 300 people. There are 2 side entrances to the church for guests besides the side entrance that accesses both the Church and the Church Office via the ramp (and often used by the bride for entrance with the bridal party for the final prep before the walk down the aisle.

If you are interested to celebrate your marriage in our church, please contact Maria of the church office at: 604-685-6832. ext 10 or email

Are there any date restrictions?

Yes, we do not allow weddings during Holy Week, week before/after Easter, Christmas Day because the whole church is being used. Please call the parish office for more details.

What you should know about FLOWERS AND DECORATIONS?

Flowers, decorations, and other appointments should be appropriate to the place of worship, enhance the worshiper’s consciousness of the reality of God, and reflect the integrity and simplicity of Christian life.

We prohibit the use of Lilies (we have parishioners who are allergic to this flower).

Floral and other decorations should not be so large as to obscure or change the basic character of the church’s architecture.

No piece of sanctuary furniture may be moved by the wedding party.

Decorations which require the use of pins, tacks, nails, screws, staples, or adhesives which may mar the furniture, walls, or floors must NOT be used.

Nothing but bouquets or bows may be used on the ends of the pews and they can only be attached with wrapped wire or ribbon. In all cases, safety of participants shall be of paramount consideration.

The bridal party shall be responsible for any damage done by the florist and his/her equipment.

It is expected that flowers will be removed by the bridal party following the service. If you desire to leave some or all of the flowers to be used by the church on the following Sunday, please contact the church office. This is a thoughtful gesture, but one we would be presumptuous to assume, so other arrangements are generally made.

You are responsible for removing the decorations. All trash (dry cleaning bags, unwanted hangers, gift wrap, etc.) should be collected into plastic bags.

What you should know about PHOTOGRAPHY / VIDEOTAPING?

Pictures are always popular at weddings, and some thought in advance will pay big dividends. Couples frequently find that posing for numerous formal pictures after the service consumes a great deal of time which they would rather be spending with their guests at the reception.

If pictures are to be taken prior to the service, sufficient time must be allowed and the florist must be advised so that the decorations will be in place at the proper time.

We encourage couples to discuss picture arrangements in advance with their photographer to determine how much time will be needed.

At no time should the photographer or videographer occupy the high altar.

What you should know about church ETIQUETTE?

Rice, wheat, confetti, sparklers, silly string, bird seed, tinted bubbles, fresh rose petals etc. are not permitted inside or outside the church at any time before, during, or after the wedding.

No food or drink allowed in the sanctuary at any time. Anyone found eating or drinking in the sanctuary will be asked to leave.

Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in or on St Paul’s Anglican Church’s properties at any time (before, during, or after the ceremony and/or reception).

St. Paul’s is a smoke free building. Smoking and the use of tobacco products is not permitted in the church building.

Persons reserving the building will be responsible for any damage to the facility or any alcohol or tobacco products found inside the building or on the premises.

All facilities are to be left in their original order and condition.

All rented items, flowers (except those you have notified the church you will be leaving for the following Sunday), gifts, and trash shall be removed immediately following the service.


Wedding receptions may be held in Church /Lower Hall. This is a separate rental (see Rental Inquiries —Church/Llower hall). Arrangements must be made through the church office at the time the wedding date is set and scheduled on the church calendar. It is assumed that receptions held in the church will observe all the standards of good taste and the policies outlined here.

As a reminder, alcoholic beverages, smoking, and the use of tobacco products are not permitted in or on Church’s properties at any time.


The couple is given up to one hour wedding rehearsal in the church.

All members of the wedding party should be present at the rehearsal. Only the wedding party and parents (those actually involved) should come to the rehearsal. The wedding party must be on time!

Extra people complicate the rehearsal process. Please make every effort to have everyone at the church at the scheduled time. Proper and conservative dress is expected.

Prior to the rehearsal the bride and groom should give some thought to the order in which their attendants will stand and which ushers will escort the mother of the bride, the mother of the groom, and any grandmothers.


For more information, please contact Maria Hizon of the church office at 604.685.6832 ext 14 or