Here’s a link to some articles and newspaper interviews:

May 30, 2016:   The Rev. Jessica Schaap, rector of St. Paul’s Anglican Church is featured in the May 30, 2016 issue of the Vancouver Courier’s article on Breaking bread across the spiritual spectrum.

April 22, 2016: James Mead, St. Paul’s coffee host coordinator is featured in the April 22, 2016 issue of North Shore News’ article on Memory Lane: Moustache man continues to fill a need.

Feb 17, 2016: Thomas Esakin, St. Paul’s Interfaith Spiritual Companioning Director is featured in Feb 17, 2016 issue of Vancouver Courier’s Death Cafes now alive in Vancouver.

Feb 1, 2015: St. Paul’s Anglican Church Columbarium with Leslie Buck is featured in the February 1, 2015 issue of The Globe and Mail’s issue of Columbaria solve burial plot problems.

July 2, 2014: Norm Sharkey, Our House Recovery Program, is featured in July 2, 2014 issue of Vancouver Courier’s Our House in the middle of the street.

October 2014 : Norm’s Successful Seawall Skate featured in CBC news