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From Canon 14 Parochial and Congregational Organization of the SYNOD OF THE DIOCESE OF NEW WESTMINSTER  Division 1 – Vestry and Vestry Meetings

1401. The Vestry of a Parish shall consist of all baptized persons of the age of fifteen or over who are accustomed worshippers within the Parish and whose names have been on the Membership Roll of the Parish for at least the three months preceding the Vestry Meeting, but no person shall have their name on the Membership roll of more than one Parish in this Diocese at the same time. Only those members of the Vestry who have within the preceding twelve months provided an identifiable commitment of time, talents or financial resources to the Parish or have been in receipt of the ministrations of the Parish because of illness or other incapacity shall have the right to vote at any Vestry Meeting. Any questions as to a person’s right to be on a Membership roll or to vote at any Vestry Meeting shall be determined by the Canonical Committee of the Parish. [7(1);105th Session]

Vestry Handbook

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