Our historians – Leslie Buck and Gale Evans meticulously worked to archive, categorize and digitize St. Paul’s photos from 1989 to 2012 .  They also have made a tremendous effort to correctly place the date/year, event (if applicable), names of individuals in each individual photographs.

If you think you know the person(s) in the photo or the date/year or the event, please feel free to contact us at office@#stpaulsanglican.bc.ca or call 604.685.6832 ext 10. We would be very happy to get your input hoping that our archival photos will be remembered as they should be remembered.

A brief introduction to this photographic galley is available in pdf file (Photographic gallery introduction) and in html format.

Leslie and Gail produced these 10 catalogues in pdf format:

Events (evn) | Liturgies (lit) | Ministries (min) | Portraits (por)  | Property (pro) | Ramp Construction (Ram)  | Social Events (soc) | Fifties (Fif) | Beginnings (Beg)

You can search for photos using the codes that are listed in the catalogues (i.e. type evn to look at the events photos).

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