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David Facey-Crowther, rector's warden
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david Facey-CrowlterDavid Facey-Crowther, rector's warden, hails from New Brunswick. A historian by profession, he taught for 35 years at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He has been a resident of Vancouver and an active member of St. Paul’s since retirement. Apart from his duties as warden he also sings in the church choir.
Fernando Esté,
people's warden
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ferbabdo esteDrawing from various schools and spiritual traditions, Fernando Esté is a Christian mystic and a Truth-seeker with a life-long experience in activism and contemplative prayer. Fernando constantly dances between the Anglican and the Roman Catholic traditions, and is a Librarian, Zen and Dru Yoga practitioner who studies, writes, teaches, and shares the joy of living by facilitating and assisting individuals with finding their unique expression of spirituality and creativity. He is a recent Venezuelan American Canadian immigrant living in Vancouver, British Columbia, with Don, his partner of 15 years and Elvis, their beloved Chihuahua.
Gail Evans-Hatch,
people's warden
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gail evansGail, originally from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, grew up in a Congregational Church in the Boston area. She moved to the West Coast in the mid-1970s. She is a historian by training, and has taught at the university and college level, as well as practiced public history for most of her career. In 2006, Gail immigrated to Victoria, where she began working for the BC Attorney General’s Office preparing background reports on the history of First Nations’ land use issues. In 2011, she moved to Vancouver to work for a private First Nations research firm. Gail began attending St. Paul’s at that time. She has served on the Board of Directors of St. Paul’s Our House, and been a regular participant in church services.

Finance and Accounting

Treasurer: Robyn Brasell
Financial Assistants: Jack Wood, and John Vanderlee

2016 Church Committee

   Chair:  The Rev. Jessica Schaap

   Secretary: Jo Anne Tharalson

   At-Large: John Wilson, Craig Watson, and George Pinto

   Synod Delegates: Linda Bourne and Kaye Kerlande

   Alternate Synod Delegates: Clare Palmer, Wade Richards, and Drina Read