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Baptism is the sign of new life in Christ and unites Christ with his people. Being baptized means we are making a commitment to follow our Lord Jesus Christ.

What is infant baptism?

In the Anglican Church, children may be baptized with the parents and sponsors making these commitments for them. The parents and sponsors and the community also commit on their own to bring these children up in the church to understand God’s purpose for the world.

If the parents are not ready to make baptismal promises or wish to defer baptism for a while, the church offers a service of thanksgiving for the gift of a child.  In this service, the family gives thanks for the birth and prays for God’s help in the child’s care and nurture.

Who may be baptized?

Any adult who believes God is calling her or him into the Christian way of life is invited to be baptized.

Any baptized adult may present a child for baptism. usually the person bringing the child forward is a baptized parent. Baptized or not, it is customary that both parents of the child consent to the baptism of the child.  baptized or not, it is customary that both parents of the child consent to the baptism of the child. A single parent may bring a child to be baptized on her or his own.

Who are sponsors?

Sponsors are baptized adult members of the Christian community. They are witness to the baptism and accept the responsibility for supporting the person’s spiritual development in Christ.

When does baptism take place?

At St. Paul’s, the celebration of the rite of Holy Baptism takes place on Easter (especially Easter Vigil), Pentecost, All Saints, and the Baptism of the Lord. Please contact the church office several months in advance.

Does baptism require special preparation?

Yes, Baptism requires careful preparation by both the community and the candidates (including the parents and sponsors). They receive instructions in the meaning of baptism and the vows which they will make. The priest-in-charge will give you the instructions.

How much is the baptismal fee?

There is no fee involved. This service is given free.

What if I am already baptized but wish to be a member of the Anglican Church?

Baptism in any Christian church or denomination is the name of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit is  accepted by the Anglican Church of Canada. You can become a member of our church by regularly attending our parish and contributing to its life and ministry.