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There are different ways in which Anglicans renew their commitment to live out their faith in their daily lives. The three formal ways to are: confirmation, reception and reaffirmation.

In the Book of Alternative Services, Confirmation, Reception, and Reaffirmation were described as follows:

Confirmation, reception, and reaffirmation are various modes of response to baptism. Whether they involve making promises on one’s own behalf, seeking membership within a particular branch of the Church, or reaffirming promises made long ago, each is directly related to the covenant made in baptism. The liturgy of baptism is consequently the primary context in which these renewals of the baptismal covenant take place.

Who are possible candidates for Confirmation, Reception,  and Reaffirmation?

This sacramental rite is appropriate for:

  • Individuals who were baptized in infancy or at a young age, and would want to make a personal, mature and public profession of faith;
  • Individuals from another Christian tradition who are drawn into adopting the Anglican way; or
  • Individuals who are already within the Anglican tradition who wish to reaffirm their baptismal vows.

Depending on a person’s circumstances the rite is variously known as Confirmation, Reaffirmation of Baptismal Vows or Reception into the Anglican Communion.


In the rite of Confirmation,  there is laying on of hands usually by the bishops who then prays for those who are making their public affirmation of the Christian faith within the Anglican tradition.


Those who have been Baptized and Confirmed in a church by a bishop in apostolic succession may be received into the Anglican Church in North America by the bishop.


Those who have been baptized and confirmed in any Anglican Church in the Anglican Communion, and wish to be recommit themselves to a life of discipleship following Christ may choose to reaffirm their baptismal covenant.

The rites of Confirmation, reception, and the reaffirmation  all come after a time of careful preparation and study. Confirmation classes are scheduled by the Diocese of New Westminster and will be announced later.

If you are interested to receive the rite of confirmation, please contact the parish office.