Writing Your Will is the first in a series of four “Life Matters” Soup and Buns workshop to be held here at St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

Having a  will is not about yourself, but it is about ensuring that your loved ones have protection after your death.

Adults, not only elderly should have a will prepared – this is specially important for parents with minor children. Should the parents die before the children reach the age of maturity, there will be chaos on who will take care of the children.

Single individuals also benefit from having a valid Last Will and Testament as it ensures that your estate is handled according to your instructions.

Every will should be kept up to date. This means that when you have a change in life/family situation i.e. get married , have children (adopted or by birth), have a new partner or simply a change of heart, it is best to have your will updated to accommodate the changes.

Presenters for this workshop are:

David Watts, Notary Public from the People’s Law School

Fr. Michael Forshaw

Glen Mitchell, the Director of Stewardship and Planned Giving for the Diocese of New Westminster.

Come and join us. This is a free workshop, but registration is required.

Ways to register:

1. Phone: Maria 604.685.6832 ext 10
2. Email: Maria Hizon
3. Online Registration:click here.