2017 Blessing of the Queen Victoria Room

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On October 18, 2017 - Wednesday, the Blessing of the Queen Victoria Room (lovingly called The Cold Room) was held. The Bishop Melissa Skelton presided the 7pm Eucharist with guest deacon Rev. Mather. Also present are The Rev. James Duckett, priest-in-charge of St. Paul's and The Rev. Dr. Alain-Michel Rocheleau, asst priestof St. Paul's. After the eucharist, they proceeded to the Queen Victoria Room for the blessing and then to the Betty de Glanville Room for the simple refreshments.

Why the Blessing and Name Change? The Blessing of The Queen Victoria Room came about because the Queen Victoria Memorial Window is located in the south sacristy, which has been commonly known as the Cold Room. This unfortunate moniker is attributed to a former Rector who as referring to the lack of heating in the room many years previous. As this is no longer the case, the idea of a new name for the room was born. Photos courtesy of Linda Bourne