St. Paul’s Anglican Church reaches out to the community in various ways to meet both the individual’s spiritual and temporal needs.

labyrinth with peopleLabyrinth at St. Paul's

Labyrinths, like cloisters and other pathways, have for many centuries provided pilgrims with simple methods of prayer and reflection. St Paul's Labyrinth re-discovers this ancient means of contemplation and meditation.

AOdirectorThe Advocacy Office

Our Advocacy Office is a free help and support to people in need of advice and information in their search for material and financial aid. Problems may be linked to welfare entitlement, accommodation and lodging, or assistance with government agencies.
ourhouseOur House Recovery

Our House Recovery Session is open to all who want to avail themselves of recovery from drug addiction and alcohol dependency. Whether you are homeless, seemingly homeless or a regular Joe, you are welcome here.
SPAC-King room-0660Rental Inquiries

St. Paul's Anglican Church makes available its facilities to the congregation and community at very reasonable rates.