Every Last Friday of the month, the Labyrinth is open to the public walk with live music from guest artists.

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Our Calendar

Last Friday of the Month Live Music
Labyrinth Musicians July – November 2019

Friday, July 26th
Rishima Bahadoorsingh
Vocals, Tanpura, Harmonium
Indian Classical Music

Friday, August 30th

Tony Kastelic
Classical Repertoire

Friday, September 27th

Jerry Desvoignes and One Voice Harmonic Choir
Throat Singing, Tibetan Bowls and Instruments
Ancient Songs and Chants

Friday, October 25th
Vocals, Harp
Original Compositions

Friday, November 29th

Flute, Guzheng, Guitar, Handpan
World Fusion Music

Bio Information About Our Featured Musicians


Drawing upon her unique Indo-Trinidadian roots, Rishima Bahadoorsingh shares her knowledge of Indian classical music with those who would like to learn and experience the deep roots of spirituality in music. Rishima has studied and performed classical piano and violin, voice, harmonium and some Indian percussion. She has worked under the guidance of Elena Steele, polishing her Western repertoire, and her Indian vocals with Neeraja Aptikar and the Shankar Mahadevan Academy in India. In 2016, her outlook on music changed after being introduced to Dhrupad – a form of Indian classical music and an ancient meditative style of singing. Specifically composed for meditation, Dhrupad consists of singing improvised syllables based on the melodies of the Indian raga music system, accompanied by the tanpura – a drone instrument. Rishima has sung at local cultural and charity events, yoga studios, festivals locally and internationally, weddings, spiritual centres and workshops. She has also completed Raga Therapy certification with the NADA Centre for Music Therapy. More information at: rayoflightmusic.com.


Clarity, (The Reverend Clare Morgan) is Vancouver’s original punk Celtic harpist, breaking new harpistry ground with her metal, Goth, and rock covers, her own introspective compositions, and her deeply spiritual but sometimes abrasive personality. Clarity busted into Vancouver at the “On the Fringe of the Fringe” production “Clarity Arises” in 2008, a one-woman show including an array of unorthodox covers and original compositions. In 2009, she brought her BYOV Fringe show “Clarity: Borderline” to the beautifully restored Christ Church Cathedral. She was also the opening act for Goth singer/songwriter Voltaire at the second anniversary of Descent Sundays, Vancouver’s premier Gothspot, and starred as Jesus in the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster’s production of Godspell! In 2012. Clarity was ordained to the Anglican priesthood in June 2016 and continues to play anywhere she can. More information about Clarity at clarityharp.ca, and on Facebook, Twitter and hear her music on Soundcloud!.


Jerry DesVoignesJerry DesVoignes is singer, composer, teacher and performer who is dedicated to building community through sound and voice. He has sung in choirs from the age of 6 years and his first professional gig was at the young age of 17 in a rock band. He has an extensive background in contemporary music and ancient singing styles, and has performed and composed music in Rock, Country, Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Progressive Rock, Gospel, R&B and Musicals. Jerry is joined by members of the One Voice Harmonic Choir, an ensemble composed of male singers with diverse musical and theatrical backgrounds. All singers create the deep sub-harmonic sound most often referred to as Tibetan or Tuvan (Kargyraa) sound, known also as coming from regions around Siberia and Mongolia. Their original music combines Harmonics/Overtones, Throat Singing (Tuvan & Tibetan), ancient songs and chants, Tibetan Bells and Bowls, Gongs, Conch Shells, Percussion, Harmonium, Soprano Sax, Guitars and other instruments. The One Voice Harmonic Choir fills the atmosphere with their penetrating, amazing voices and rich multi-cultural music. They are stunning to hear and see as it is a visual experience as well as a sonic one. One Voice Harmonic Choir was established in 2000 with a CD entitled, Song of The Labyrinth, recorded live at Christ Church Cathedral for the opening of their Labyrinth. The choir have several videos on Youtube.


Tony Kastelic is a Vancouver-based violist, singer, songwriter, and composer. In 2008, Tony moved from the prairies to the west coast to study music at UBC and graduated in 2012. Since then he has been working as a freelance performer, frequently appearing in the Kamloops Symphony Orchestra, and Plastic Acid Orchestra. He is known for his beautiful, spirited interpretations of Bach on the viola. Tony has also performed and recorded with a number of non-classical bands and projects including folk fiddling with his main band Salt Thief, throat-singing in the cinematic drone trio Ghazm, and composed and performed in the Balinese fusion ensemble Gamelan Bike Bike. Tony’s band website is www.saltthief.com.


The group Naad is a collective of Vancouver-based artists, musicians and poets that seek to embody and transfer a cosmic experience through music, mantras, mystical poetry, storytelling and a dash of divine inspiration. “Naad” is a Punjabi word, rooted in the Sanskrit “nada”, meaning Cosmic Sound, or Vibrations of the Cosmos. The band plays eclectic, world fusion music using rare and beautiful instruments from all over the world, producing beautiful, meditative soundscapes. The music is totally improvised, soaring through sublime skies, diving into earthly depths and floating gently on the calm waters of vibration.  Featuring Vi An Diep: Guzheng, Ingrid Valou: Flute, Vocals, Greg Valou: Tanpura Guitar, David Yates: Didgeridoo, Zamir Dhanji: Handpan. For more information about the group and to hear their music go to www.naad.ca