Sunday Prayer for HealingAnointing for HealingSacrament of Reconciliation

Throughout his ministry Jesus healed the sick. At St Paul’s we endeavour to follow  Jesus by continuing this ministry. We are committed to healing as a way of life and action. At both the 9:15 am and 11 am services, we offer a healing ministry in the form of individual laying-on-of-hands and prayer. We also have special Healing services during the year.

Healing is not synonymous with curing, though we do not rule out the possibility. In healing, we foremost ask for God’s support, nurture, and blessing during an illness. The Christian practice of healing compliments medical treatments, but should never be used as a substitute for professional care.

Healing also does not just affect our physical and mental identity, but encompasses our holistic being. The healing of our souls restores us to a life-giving relationship with the God of love.

Our priest offers pastoral advice and spiritual direction. He is happy to meet you and discuss any questions you may have regarding the Christian Faith or the Anglican Church. We encourage you to call for an appointment with our priest. For the month of January and February 2019, this service will not be available.

Healing Guild

healing medium 300x200Every Sunday morning, during all services, the Healing Guild offers laying on of hands. Any person wishing prayer for healing either for him/herself, or on behalf of someone else, may come to the prayer station at any time during the administration of Communion.

The station is on the north (left side) of the church in the corner by the Lady Chapel.  There, you may either state your need or remain silent. A member of the Healing Guild will gently lay hands upon you and, after a short silence, prays for you in Christ’s name.

Healing prayer is a quiet prayer involving just 2 people and God. It is a joint meditation shared by the three participants: one requesting prayer, one praying aloud and our loving God who is closely with us.

History: The Healing Guild was founded in 1998 by the Reverend Elaina Hyde-Mills during her
tenure at St Paul’s as vocational deacon.

Anointing for Healing

SPAC-healing-0905On certain Sundays of the year, the priest offers personal anointing with oil within the context of the Eucharist. The oil is applied in the sign of the cross to the forehead and open palms with the words, “Through this holy anointing, may the Lord in his love and mercy strengthen and uphold you by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit.” Every one is invited to receive God’s healing in the act of sacramental anointing. Anointing for healing is also available freely to anyone who requests it at other times. For the month of January till February 2019, pthis service will not be available.

In addition to these more organised, formal means of healing, parishioners acting on their own initiatives and in informal circumstances visit others who are sick, either at home or in hospital, to bring friendship and comfort to those in distress. In this way, everyone in his or her everyday life brings healing to the world, to those one knows and loves, and to oneself.

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Healing may come through sacramental reconciliation (also known as confession). This way of personal healing through unburdening one’s conscience, receiving forgiveness, and committing to amendment of life is available by meeting with one of our priests. The Sacrament of Reconciliation may be requested anytime. For the month of January to February 2019, this service will not be available.