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From the Pre-Vestry and Vestry Meetings comes the 2016 Action Plan. This four year plan is the result of the Fall 2015 Deep Talks, a series of parish conversations to discern the next steps for the parish in five areas: Christian Education, A New Liturgy, Renovating the Worship Space, Families and Children, and Growth. The Action Plan 2016-2019 is delivered in either html or pdf file. You will need an acrobat reader or a similar program software to open or view the pdf file. If you do not have one, please click here.

2016 Deep Talks Action Plan (PDF)                          2016 Deep Talks Action Plan (html)

Interested in the Pre-Vestry Meeting Notes?  Here is a copy of the  2016 Deep Talks Action Plan Notes & Comments during the Pre-Vestry Meeting held on February 21 2016 (pdf file).

 Action Plan Updates

Update 2016 June – Update on Christian Education

 The advisory team met with the two champions of the Christian education component of the action plan in May. They shared the resource package on team building and planning and developed a meeting agenda that can be used by champions and actsters across all the components. The champions of the Christian education component then developed a list of objectives for this area. These objectives are:

Christian Education – Objectives

  1. To offer Christian education at St. Paul’s grounded in a holistic philosophy of Christian formation.
    1. By reading and adopting Westerhoff’s Will Our Children Have Faith as our basic text and philosophical approach to Christian education.
    2. By committing to developing educational events using the template and guidelines on Christian education provided by the Diocese of New Westminster.
  2. To design and deliver the courses outlined in the Action Plan.
  3. To evaluate each course or program to see what worked, what didn’t, and to make improvements in subsequent planning and delivery
  4. To communicate with the parish through all of its vehicles (e.g. bulletin, announcements, Facebook, email, website) on the progress and achievements of the Christian Education area
  5. To consider new proposals for courses/programs/events/formation. And, if the discernment of a proposal is positive to support its development and delivery.


The first event from the Action Plan was a seminar on Anglican worship entitled: Mind, Body, and Spirit – The Anglican Way of Worship. The Reverend Jessica Schaap and Michael Molnar presented it on Sunday, June 19th and 8 people attended. The event included sharing a bag lunch together, a ‘hands-on’ walk through the church as it shapes our journey from baptism to the eucharist, and an introduction to the music of the Eucharist, including some of the finer points of chanting, the psalms, and the nature of the organ as an accompaniment to worship.

In the Fall, beginning September 17th, a lay leader will be offering a devotional, “lectio-divina” based study of three of St. Paul’s letters.


Update 2016 Mar – The Action Plan Advisory Team

The Advisory Team assisted with the writing and presenting of the action plan to the parish.

And the Advisory Team will continue! The Church committee and members of the Advisory team have discerned an ongoing support role for the Action Plan’s implementation. The purpose of the Advisory team will be:

  • to identify and recruit Champions,
  • walk alongside and provide resources to the groups working in each of the areas of the Deep Talks Action Plan
  • plan/host the annual festive ‘gathering’ of all working on the plan.
  • to build the engagement of the parish in the progress of the plan and discern how the plan may change to be responsive to the parish and our context.

The current members of the team are: Gail Evans, Chris Daly, Drina Read, John Wilson, and Rev. Jessica Schaap.

Next steps:

  • To develop resources to aid groups in their planning and implementation including describing the roles of Champions and Actsters, facilitating groups to name the principles they wish to follow in their work together, sharing tools for developing work plans and building teams, and developing an agenda for a first meeting with Champions and Actsters. To be completed by April 13, 2016.

The first meeting of the Advisory Team will be with the Christian Education group to kick off their Spring 2016 plans.

The Advisory team also has a dedicated email address: Feel free to send comments and questions to the team.