At St. Paul’s Anglican Church, our Rector is the spiritual head of the congregation. She is responsible for the spiritual well being of all the members of the congregation/parish. She shares responsibility with the bishop for the ministry of the Anglican Church in the parish. She oversee the Christian education and formation in the parish.

The Rector together with 3 church wardens forms the leadership team of the parish. The leadership team are responsible for maintaining the parish property and its furnishing, arranging Eucharists and other parish programs, and raising revenues to fund these activities.

The 3 church wardens consist of a rector’s warden and 2 associate wardens. The Rector’s Warden is appointed by the rector while the Associate Wardens are the elected lay-guardians of the parish. Wardens hold the highest non-ordained authority in the congregation.

The Vestry which consist of all baptized parishioners over fifteen years of age, meets each year to review the activities of the previous year and to set policies and budgets for the current year. It elects the 2 associate wardens and a representative to the church committee.

At St. Paul’s we also have an assistant priest who assists the Rector in exercising her pastoral and liturgical responsibilities.

Other persons (either volunteer or salaried) assist the leadership team in managing different parish ministries and activities. Currently, our salaried staff are the Advocacy Office Director, Music Director, Office/Parish Administrator, Property Manager and Relief Custodian.

Here is a brief listing of the above positions.

Bishop: The Right Reverend Melissa Skelton

Rector: Vacant

Assistant Priest: The Rev. Alain-Michel Rocheleau

Rector’s Warden:  James Roberts

Associate Wardens: Drina Read

Treasurer: Robyn Brasell

Financial Assistants: Jack Wood and John Vanderlee


Office Administrator: Maria Hizon

Sexton and Building Manager: Dale Pleven

Relief Custodian: Cathryn Schultz

Advocacy Office Director: Ellen Silvergieter

Organist, Music & Choir Director: Michael Molnar

2018 Church Committee

Chair: rotating

Secretary: Peter Wilkins

 Synod Delegates: Linda Bourne and Craig Watson

 Alternate Synod Delegates: Margaret Trim, Sylvia Palmer, and Doug Schmidt

 At-Large: John Wilson,  Cameron Neat, Jack Wood, and Alejandro Huerta-Rodas

Webmaster:  Maria Hizon


This list is current as of June 2018. For more detailed information, please visit the Who We Are page.