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At St Paul’s, we are heirs of those who by their dedication and work founded the parish and promoted its welfare. As today’s parishioners we exercise a ministry of stewardship towards this legacy.

The most visible portion of the legacy is our church and church hall and their furnishings. Less immediately obvious, but more valuable, is the Gospel handed down to us, our traditions of worship and ministry, and the esteem held by St Paul’s in the community.

We hold this legacy as a gift, not a possession, to be used for the service of others, and not for ourselves alone. For this reason we offer our Gospel, our worship, our hospitality, our outreach ministries, and our buildings, for use by those around us as much as by ourselves.

As stewards we cherish and nurture these gifts so that we may pass them on to be used for the same purpose by those who follow us. This is how we came to have them, and how our successors may have them after us.

We hold services, implement programs, maintain buildings, and employ the Rector and other staff. We support these activities by participating in them and providing the funds to operate them, as personal circumstances allow.

We owe to God, to ourselves, and to each other the duty of funding these activities. We cannot avoid it by supposing that someone else will do it for us. St Paul’s must be self-sufficient. There is no unseen benefactor who pays for our needs.

Unlike most other voluntary organizations, our parish allows each member to choose his or her own financial contribution – in effect to set his or her membership fee. Because no one else determines what that should be, we recognize the need to take this responsibility very seriously.

What each one of us chooses to contribute to parish ministries and revenues depends on both ones own circumstances and the needs of the parish. What is important is that we make the decision carefully and then diligently implement it.

Whether they are large or small, regular financial contributions to parish revenues signify that the donor counts him or herself a member of our community.