Our Expenses:  $437,800

Property:  $108,800

Property includes the salary we pay to our Building Manager plus expenses related to the repair and maintenance of our building and property.

Clergy Salary/Relief:  $99,100

Clergy includes the Rector’s salary plus money allocated to pay relief clergy.  The Rector is primarily responsible for leading the worship, Christian education, and pastoral care of the parish as well as participating in ministry with the diocese.

Diocese:  $70,200

This category represents our assessment to cover diocesan administration and programs, including a contribution to the national Church, as well as some minor expenses related to Synod.

Administration:  $66,200

Administration includes the salary we pay to our Office Administrator and other staff.  The Office Administrator is primarily responsible for assisting with bulletins and all communications, assisting the Labyrinth Guild, managing rentals, and providing reception during office hours.  This category also includes expenses for office supplies, equipment purchases and maintenance.

Outreach:  $51,700

Outreach includes the salaries  paid to the Advocacy Office Coordinator and the Street Outreach Coordinator.  This category also includes expenses for office supplies, equipment purchases and maintenance, as well as expenses directly related to the advocacy and outreach programs.    For further details, see Outreach p. 4.

Music:  $25,600

Music includes the salary we pay our Music Director plus money allocated to pay for relief music direction.  The Director is responsible for selecting music in consultation with the rector, playing and composing music, and directing the choir. This category also includes other music expenses like photocopying and music purchases.

Programming:  $12,500

Programming costs include all supplies for worship, e.g. wafers, wine, candles, flowers;  materials for Christian education and formation, food, coffee and supplies for Coffee Hour, and food and beverages for special events.

Labyrinth:  $3,700

This category includes funding for special events, e.g. New Year’s Eve, Earth Day, All Souls and also includes payment to musicians.

2015 narrative budget expenses

Our Income:  $379,400

Pendrellis Rent:  $175,000

Of our five revenue streams, rent from the Pendrellis makes up nearly half (46%) of our total income.

General Purpose Donations:  $135,500

The regular pledged offering of our parishioners makes up 36% of our total income.  St. Paul’s relies on pledging to forecast the next year’s operating budget.

Other Rent:  $53,000

This includes rent paid by Mascall Dance, our long-term tenant, for use of the upper-church hall and an office.  Other Rent also includes various building rentals throughout the year for concerts, clubs, filming, etc.

Special Purpose Donations:  $11,400

This category includes donations and offerings specially designated by the donor for specific ministries at St. Paul’s.

Other Revenues:  $4,500

This category includes the fees for weddings and funerals; collections at parish events and Coffee Hour;  and several minor items.