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If you are interested to give to St. Paul’s or a specific ministry, here are the different ways of giving:

1. Cash Donation in the Sunday Offertory Basket (a prayer of blessing is made over every Sunday’s offering)

2. Sunday Offering Envelope (if you do not have one already). Cash or cheque is acceptable.

3. Pre-Authorized Debit (accepts debit, credit card and postdated cheques). Contact the one of the financial assistants or church office (tel  604-685-2532 x.10)  to set this up.

4. Online Giving via or paypal

In the comfort of your home or if you are overseas, you can give to St. Paul’s online via To go to the donation page, please click here.

There are options to give to your specific charity or to the general fund. The tax receipts for online donations are generated through and not by St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

If you wish to make a scheduled monthly donation, this option is also possible at the

Your monetary donation will be deposited into the St. Paul’s Anglican Church account. A tax receipt will be immediately issued to you via a PDF receipt issued by

Paypal Donation

From the comfort of your home or overseas, you can also donate using paypal.   If you have a paypal account, just search of our email address: office(AT)  Donations received via paypal are deposited into the St. Paul’s Anglican Church account. Your tax receipt will be issued by St. Paul’s Anglican Church by February of next year. Please click the donate button below to donate to St. Paul’s via paypal

4. Estate Planning  and Bequests

An individual – a member of the congregation, friend or anyone from the general public may make provisions to remember St. Paul’s Anglican Church in his/her will or estate planning. This is ever so important to the future of the church!

We would ask you to consider two things:

a. Please remember that there is no small amount — $1,000, or $10,000, or even $100,000. Every amount you want to give helps us a lot!

b. Please reconsider the terms of your gift and choose which is close to your heart.  There are two types of endowment / bequests : restricted and non restricted gift.

A restricted endowment or gift of any amount will be deployed only for that specific purpose.

By contrast, an unrestricted gift of any amount is not restricted to any specific purpose. It can be deployed in whole or part for immediate needs of building repairs, to initiate a new ministry, or to simply to fill a shortfall on budget or pledges for another year.

Any kind of bequest or gift you give are very helpful for us.

For more information, please contact Maria Hizon at 604.685.6832 ext 10 or email at