Our historians – Leslie Buck and Gale Evans meticulously worked to archive, categorize and digitize St. Paul’s photos from 1989 to 2012 .  They also have made a tremendous effort to correctly place the date/year, event (if applicable), names of individuals in each individual photographs.

The photographs in this gallery provide a record of parish life from the establishment of the Parish in 1889 until the early 2010s. The later years are more adequately represented than the earlier years. Early photographs include images of the first church built on Hornby Street, its re-location to Jervis Street and its replacement by the second church. The subsequent incumbencies of Harold King, Patrick Ellis and Joe Ellis are covered, while those of David Crawley, Neil Gray and Markus Dünzkofer, and the interregnum of Michael Batten, are more fully covered.

The gallery contains more than 800 photographs. Most were retrieved from the Archive Room where they had accumulated over a period of fifty years. Others, in particular many of the older photographs were taken from the collections of the Vancouver City Archives and the Vancouver Public Library. The photographs are sorted into nine categories (each with a catalogue) and mounted in three books.

Book 2
Book 3
    -Liturgies: Eucharists, Baptisms, Ordinations and other liturgical activities.
    -Portraits: Photographs of individuals and groups.
    Fifties: Photographs dated between 1958 to 1962
    -Beginnings: Photographs dated between 1889 and 1940.
    -Ministries: Church Committee, Altar Guild, Advocacy Office and Labyrinth program.
    -Events: Parish Centennial celebration, Bazaars, and events associated with the Capital Campaign.
    -Social Events: Parish suppers, receptions and picnics.
    -Ramp Construction: Construction of the wheelchair ramp and associated work.
    -Property: Internal and external views of the church and church hall.

The original photographic prints have been collected into three albums. Other prints were made from dated transparencies (from which most of the images in the Fifties category were taken) and from loose negatives. Very few of the original prints, and none of the negatives, were dated. Where the dates are not known for certain, conjectural dates have been made based upon internal evidence (like the presence of known persons). Persons have been identified to the extent possible. (Additional information would be gladly received.)

All of the prints have been scanned and converted to digital images. In this process, images have been cropped, sometimes rotated, and where necessary enhanced, to produce enhanced compositions. Most digital images differ, therefore, from the original print, transparency or negative version.