Parish Photos: Book 1 1898-2012

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Liturgies: Eucharists, Baptisms, Ordinations and other liturgical activities. Portraits: Photographs of individuals and groups. Fifties: Photographs dated between 1958 to 1962

Fifties - St. Paul's

The photographs in this gallery (unless otherwise noted) are prints taken from contemporary transparencies dated 1957 - 1960. Information taken from inscriptions written on the transparencies is recorded here. Codes refer to categories as follows: Fif1 People Fif2 Liturgies Fif3 Social events Fif4 Property

Liturgies - St Paul's

Codes refer to the priest in charge as follows: Lit1 David Crawley Lit2 Neil Gray Lit3 Michael Batten Lit4 Markus D├╝nzkofer Within each category photographs are ordered by actual or conjectural date. Uncertain dates are indicated by c and conjectural dates by a question mark. Unidentified persons are indicated by a question mark. At the beginning of this period, the principal liturgical service took the form of Morning Prayer on three Sundays of the month and Choral Eucharist on one Sunday. At the end of the period the Eucharist was celebrated every Sunday. The use of Morning Prayer as the principal liturgy was discontinued in 1995.

Portraits - St. Paul's

Codes refer to sets as follows: Por1 Vested clergy Por2 Staff members Por3 Single portraits c1990 Por4 Single portraits c2000 Por5 Double portraits Por6 Triple portraits Por7 Group portraits Uncertain dates are indicated by c, conjectural dates by question marks, and unidentified by question marks.