Catalogue of Liturgies: 122 photographs

 Codes refer to the priest in charge as follows:

Lit1           David Crawley

Lit2           Neil Gray

Lit3           Michael Batten

Lit4           Markus Dünzkofer

Within each category photographs are ordered by actual or conjectural date.  Uncertain dates are indicated by c and conjectural dates by a question mark.  Unidentified persons are indicated by a question mark.

At the beginning of this period, the principal liturgical service took the form of Morning Prayer on three Sundays of the month and Choral Eucharist on one Sunday.  At the end of the period the Eucharist was celebrated every Sunday.  The use of Morning Prayer as the principal liturgy was discontinued in 1995.


Lit1.01-12            Centennial Eucharist, 25 June 1989                                                                                 

On 25 June 1989, a Eucharist was celebrated to mark the centennial of the establishment of the parish in 1889.

The celebrant, David Crawley, used the 1662 Book of Common Prayer and adopted a north-end position at the altar, as would have been the practice in 1889.

1: John Charnell

2: Neil Gray

3: David Crawley

4: David Sommerville

5: choir

6: David Crawley,?, ?, Neil Gray, ?

7: David Crawley, Neil Gray, ?, John Charnell, ?, ?

8: David Crawley

9: Recessional

10: choir

11: Joan Bubbs, Theo Barber

12: Bishop’s chaplain

Lit1.13-14            Choral Eucharist c1989                                                                                          



Lit2.01-02            Installation of Neil Gray as Rector, January 1991

Neil Gray was installed as Rector after serving as assistant priest and hospital chaplain

1: Neil Gray, Bishop Douglas Hambidge

2: Ruth Johnson, Bill Lort, Bishop Douglas Hambidge, Neil Gray

Lit2.03-04            Evensong recessional


4: Gordon Dominey, Helen Patterson, Neil Gray

Lit2.05                 Reception of Michael Forshaw, 3 November 1999

Michael Forshaw was received from the Roman Catholic Church by Bishop Michael Ingham

5: Michael Ingham, Michael Forshaw, Neil Gray

Lit2.06                 Eucharist recessional

6: John Charnell, April Stanley, Michael Forshaw, Neil Gray

 Lit2.07-10            Eucharist c1999


8: Neil Gray


10: (at the altar) Neil Gray, April Stanley, Robert Hadley

Lit2.11-15            Palm Sunday c1999

During this period the Palm Sunday procession set out from the Labyrinth Hall.

11: Labyrinth Hall

12: John Wilson (crucifer)

13: Doris Skelton, Olive Charnell, Fred Clark

14: Cottrell twins, Jo Anne Tharalson, Wonda Cottrell, Amy Grant

15: John Brewin, Neil Gray, April Stanley

Lit2.16-17            Blessing of pets c2000

16: Michael Forshaw, ?  Neil Gray in background.

17: Michael Forshaw

Lit2.18-19            Integrity, 2 April 2000

For a number of years until it ceased functioning, Integrity Vancouver met at St Pauls

18: (bishops) Michael Ingham, David Crawley, David Somerville, ?

19: (bishops) Michael Ingham, David Crawley, ?

Lit2.20-23            Installation of Our Lady of Walsingham, 14 September 2000

The wood carving of Our Lady of Walsingham (from the Shrine of Walsingham in England) was installed to mark the tenth anniversary of Neil Gray’s incumbency.

20: Michael Forshaw

21: April Stanley, Neil Gray, Michael Forshaw, Robert Hadley

22: Neil Gray


Lit2.24-25            9:15 Liturgy 26 March 2000

A Eucharist celebrated in an informal manner and using the Third Canadian Rite (replaced in 1985 by the Book of Alternative Services) was first celebrated about 1983 by Keith Gilbert, assistant priest to Harold McSherry.

24: Richard Van Delft (liturgical facilitator), Neil Gray, Marnie Peterson, Michael Forshaw


 Lit2.26-                9:15  Liturgy c2000

26: Richard Van Delft (liturgical facilitator)

27: Michael Forshaw (presider)

28: Gathering in the narthex. Billy Sutherland, Wade Richards, Maria Denholme, Christine Muise, Donna Wolfe, Stephanie Shephard

29 Gathering in the narthex.  Kevin Moroso, Leslie Buck, Joan James

30: Procession to the chancel.  Maria Denholme  (crucifer)

31: Procession.  Stephanie Shephard, Barbara Tyler, Kevin Moroso

32: Procession.  Gordon Lewis, Stephanie Shephard, Tom Esakin

33: In the chancel. Gordon Lewis, Michael Forshaw, Tom Esakin

34: Around the altar. (facing, l to r) Donna Wolfe, Leslie Buck, Joan James,

Richard Van Delft, (backing,  l to r) David Charles, Barbara Tyler, Wade Richards, Maria Denholme, Tom Esakin, (altar) Michael Forshaw,

35: Around the altar (facing, l to r) Jocelyn Milligan, Donna Wolfe, Leslie Buck  (backing, l to r) Wade Richards, Maria Denholme

36: Recession.  Paul Mabee, Gordon Lewis, Leslie Buck

37: Dismissal (l to r) Gordon Lewis, David Charles, Christine Muise, Stephanie Shepard (facing), Jocelyn Milligan, Billy Sutherland (facing), Wade Richards (crucifer), Donna Wolfe, Neil Gray, Joan James

Lit2.38                 Healing station c2002

During the incumbency of Neil Gray the ministry of offering personal prayers was established.  The ministry was offered at the healing station in the Lady Chapel at the time of administration of Communion.

38: Maria Denholme at the healing station

Lit2.39                 Cathedral ordination c2002

39: Craig Tanksley, Stephanie Shephard, ?, Bishop Michael Ingham, ?, Neil Fernyhough, Margaret Cornish

Lit2.40-41            Blessing the stair lift c2002

The installation of the stair lift in the church hall was funded by the Capital Campaign

40: Neil Gray, Michael Forshaw, Michael Ingham

41: Michael Forshaw, Michael Ingham

Lit2.42-51            Childrens St Nicholas Eucharist, 6 December 2002

42: north chancel

43: south chancel

44: south chancel with St Nicholas aka Wade Davidson

45: Rodney Cottrell and daughters

46: St Nicholas doing his thing

47: St Nicholas doing his thing

48: St Nicholas assisted by Stephanie Shepard

49: St Nicholas adjusting his mitre

50: satisfied client

51: satisfied client with BAS

Lit3.01-02            Wedding, 10 May 2003

1: Andrea Owen, John Charnell, Richard Ehrenburg


Lit3.03-06            Same-sex blessing, c2003





Lit3.07-15            Blessing of pets, 2003

7: Michael Forshaw, Maryanne Giesbrecht

8: Dale Yardy

9: Dale Yardy

10: ?, ?

11: ?

12: ?, ?

13: Barbara Fraser, ?

14:  Maryanne Geisbrecht

15:  ?, Michael Batten

Lit3.16-19            Blessing the Jill Atkin bench 8 June 2003




19: Ralph Atkin sitting on the bench

 Lit3.20-25            Christmas Eve 2003

20: Arrangement for early Eucharist

21: String quartet at 10:30 pm

22: String quartet at 10:55 pm

23: Entrance

24: Recessional

25: Recessional

Lit3.26-27            Baptism of Michael Elliott, 10 April 2004

Michael Elliott requested baptism by total immersion.  He was baptised in a hot tub set up on the forecourt.

26: Easter Eve congregation on the forecourt

27: Michael Elliott, Michael Batten

Lit4.01-02            10th anniversary of the inauguration of the Labyrinth, 2007

1: Sharon Connaughty, Billy Sutherland, Markus Dünzkofer, Dorothy Barnes, Debbie Lanigan, Kit Stewart

2: Markus Dünzkofer

Lit4.03                 Same-sex blessing, 11 October 2008

3: Stacey Landers, Markus Dünzkofer, Katherine Collins

Lit4.04                 10 am Eucharist, 2 November 2008

In 2006 Markus Dünzkofer introduced the 10 am Eucharist using a nave altar.

4: Alex Wilson, Markus Dünzkofer, Shirley Smith

Lit4.05                 Procession at 11 am Eucharist, c2009

5: David Ryniker, John Wilson (crucifer), John Teahen

Lit4.06                 Gospel reading at 11 am Eucharist, c2009

6: Debbie Lanigan, Jo Anne, Tharalson, Robert Turnbull, Jack Wood

Lit4.07-13            Palm Sunday procession from Nelson Park, 4 April 2009

Markus Dünzkofer introduced the practice of processing from Nelson Park on Palm Sunday

7: pergola in Nelson Park

8: Leslie Buck, Markus Dünzkofer, Alex Wilson

9: passing Comox and Bute

Lit4.10-13            Palm Sunday procession from Nelson Park, 28 March 2010

10: Michael Ingham, Markus Dünzkofer

11: John Teahen, John Wilson

12: John Wilson, Sandra Vander Schaaf,  Markus Dünzkofer

13: (seated) Conrad Calihoo, Cam Giesbrecht, (first pew) Sandra Foss, ? (second pew) Joan James, Adrienne Taylor, Barbara Tyler (standing at right) Sebastian Rake, Billy Sutherland

Lit4.14                 9:15 Eucharist, 2010

14: Yazeed Said (presider), ?, Maria Denholme, ?, Sebastian Rake, Hope Telford, Barbara Tyler, Donna Wolfe, Katherine Jones, (back) Paul Mabee

Lit4.15                 10 am Eucharist, 2 May 2010

15: Sharon Connaughty, Yazeed Said, Leslie Buck, Amy Grant, Carolyn Calvert

Lit4.16                 11 am Eucharist, 20 June 2010

16: Leslie Buck, Yazeed Said, Guy Cribdon

Lit4.17                 Baptism of Rhonda, 7 July 2010

17: Markus Dünzkofer, Rhonda

Lit4.18-23            Palm Sunday procession from Nelson Park, 17 April 2011

18: Markus Dünzkofer, Zhenya Ragimova

19: Alex Wilson, Robert Turnbull, Diane Davies

20: Elizabeth Erlach, Kaye Kerlande, Nina Shoroplova, Dianne Warren

21: John Wilson, Kaye Kerlande (facing), John Teahen (facing)

22: ?, John Charnell, Jo Anne Tharalson, John Wilson

23: Jo Anne Tharalson, musicians and choir

Lit4.24-26            Installation of Tim Conklin as Associate of the Order of the Holy Cross, April 2011

24: Markus Dünzkofer, Tim Conklin

25: Tim Conklin, Markus Dünzkofer

26: Markus Dünzkofer, Tim Conklin, Jiwan Bajracharya, Dibesh Shakya

Lit4.27                 Blessing of pets, c2011

27:  Michael Forshaw, Markus Dünzkofer

Lit4.28                 Reception into the Anglican Church, c2004

28: Tim Conklin, John Vizaar, Michael Ingham, Zona Hudson, Darren, Markus Dünzkofer

Lit4.29                 Baptism of Jonathan Smith, 20 November 2011

29: Leslie Buck, Shirley Smith, Jonathan Smith, Markus Dünzkofer

Lit4.30                 Baptism of Ismail Karabiyik, 19 December 2011

30: Markus Dünzkofer, Ismail Karajibik


Revised 14 September 2018