Catalogue of Portraits: 141 photographs

Codes refer to sets as follows:
Por1 Vested clergy
Por2 Staff members
Por3 Single portraits c1990
Por4 Single portraits c2000
Por5 Double portraits
Por6 Triple portraits
Por7 Group portraits
Uncertain dates are indicated by c, conjectural dates by question marks, and unidentified by question marks.

Por1.01-12 Vested clergy

1: David Crawley
2: Neil Gray
3: John Charnell
4: David Somerville
5: April Stanley
6: Robert Hadley, ?, Stephanie Shepard
7 Michael Batten, Michael Forshaw
8: Michael Forshaw, John Charnell, Michael Batten.
9: Dale Yardy, John Charnell, Michael Forshaw, Michael Batten.
10: Dale Yardy, Michael Batten.
11: Markus Dünzkofer, 20 June 2004.
12: Michael Forshaw, Markus Dünzkofer.
13: Patrick Ellis. PA A12/1.2.
14: Joe Ellis (from original photograph supplied by family)
15: Joe Ellis. PA A12/1.2.
16: Joe Ellis. PA A12/1.2.

Por2.01-16 Staff members

Images are in alphabetical order by name
1: Margaret Cornish, Student
2: Margaret Deveney, Advocacy Office Director
3: Gordon Dominey, Assistant priest
4: Christine Donkin, Organist
4a: Patrick Ellis (Enlargement of Fif1.01.)
4b: Patrick Ellis. PA A12/1.2.
5: Scott Gould, Student
6: Neil Gray, Rector
7: Elaina Hyde-Mills, Deacon
8: Nancy Kwasnicki, Parish secretary
8a: Harold McSherry. PA A12/1.2.
9: Helen Patterson, Assistant priest
10: Dale Pleven, Verger
11: Dale Pleven, Property manager, Barry Goheen, Parish secretary
12: April Stanley, Assistant priest
13: David Stratkaukus, Organist
14: Craig Tanksley, pastoral associate
15: Don Woodworth, Organist
16: Dale Yardy, Assistant priest
Por3.01-43 Single portraits c1990

Images are in random order
2: Gordon Lewis
13: Peter Waters
17: Dorothy Barnes
26: Theo Barber
27: David Crawley, Audrey
28: Amy Gopaul, Grace Gopaul
29: Neil Gray
30: Lindsay
31: Debbie Craig
33: Gordon Marriott
34: Kay
35: Cindy, Mylene, Maria
36: Betty de Glanville
37: Frances Carlsen
39: Alan Fraser, Barbara Fraser, Christiana
40: Gordon Marriott, ?
41: ?
42: ?, ?
43: ?, ?

Por4.01-20 Single portraits c2000

Images are in alphabetical order by name
1: Theo Barber
2: Leslie Buck
3: Juanita Clark
4: Sylvia London
5: Olive Charnell
6: Fred Crook
7: Denise Galipeau
8: Neil Gray
9: Byron Jang
10: Joan Longley
11: Bill Lort
12: Gordon Marriott
13: Suzanne Morgan
14: Milly Poplar
15: Pam Simmonds
16: June Standing
17: Paul Weir
18: William Wood
19: ?
20: ?

Por5.01-22 Double portraits

Images are in alphabetical order by name of the first person
1: John Brewin, Neil Gray
2: Leslie Buck, Neil Gray
3: Tom Broughton, Whittington (?)
4: Olive Charnell, John Charnell
5: Olive Charnell, Steve Kershaw
6: Peter Cornwell. ?
7: Markus Dünzkofer, Sandra Foss
8: Michael Forshaw, Betty de Glanville
9: Neil Gray, David Crawley
10: Elaina Hyde-Mills, John Brewin
11: Elaina Hyde-Mills, Neil Gray.
12: Steve Kershaw, Evelyn Kershaw
13: Bill Lort, Neil Gray
14: Gordon Marriott, Robert High
15: Marnie Peterson, Margaret Cornish
16: Wade Richards, April Stanley
17: Richard Van Delft, Ken Amato
18: ?, Neil Gray
19: ?, ?
20: ?, Evelyn Kershaw
21: ?, ?
22: ?, David Crawley

Por6.01-11 Triple portraits

Images are in alphabetical order by name of first person
1: Bill Brebner, Debbie Lanigan, Markus Dünzkofer
2: Beryl Deuel, Jo-Anne Teal, ?
3: Scott Gould, Suzanne Morgan and child
4: Neil Gray, Ken Amato, Richard Van Delft
5: Ron Jobe, Elaina Hyde-Mills, Rob Domaschuk
6: Kelly Montfort, Dorothy Barnes, Gordon Marriott
7: Norma, Suze Meier, Billy Sutherland
8: Yazeed Said, Eileen Buck, Leslie Buck
9: Stephanie Shepard, Byron Jang and children
10: Billy Sutherland, Leslie buck, Gordon Lewis
11: Kathleen Wooley, Dorothy Barnes, Marion Irving

Por7.00-06 Group portraits

Images are in actual or conjectural chronological order.
0: Historical Night, May 1975. PA A12/1.2.
Kaye Farrell, Mary Haggart, George Ward, Nina Vaughan, Beth McQuillan.
1: Womens group, c1980. Back row Mrs Brown, Mrs Churchill, Muriel McSherry, Mrs Denny, Mrs KIne. Front row Mrs Johnston, Mrs Findley, Mrs Eason, Mrs Scrivener. (Information taken from print.)
2: 1995? (back row) Betty de Glanville, Theo Barber, Nora Brand, Evelyn Kershaw
(front row) Enid Green, Kit Marriott, Eileen Webb
3: 1996? (standing) Juanita Seeley, Dorothy Barnes, Clara Tyszac (sitting) Eileen Webb, ?
4: 9:15 group, August 1998. (back row) Elaina Hyde Mills, Gordon Lewis, Jay Currie, Michèle Denis, Leslie Buck, Peter, Garth, Scott Gould, April Stanley, Michael Forshaw (middle row) Wade Richards, Sheila d’Albertanson, Neil Gray, David Caruk, Jill Atkin, Richard Van Delft (front row) two visitors, Barbara Tyler, Don Grayston, Janet Leduc, Isobel Carter, Suzanne Morgan
5: 1999? Church Committee? (back row) David Ryniker (?), James Mead, Fred Crook, Alex Wilson (middle row) Evelyn Kershaw, Jill Atkin, Dorothy Barnes, Leslie Buck, Olive Charnell (front row) Andrew Heard, Steve Kershaw, Gordon Marriott, Milly Poplar, Beryl Deuel, Jo Anne Tharalson, Robert High
6: 2003. Marjorie Taylor, Jo Anne Tharalson, Michael Forshaw, Catherine Muise, Michael Batten
7: 26 September 2008. Trip to St Gregory Nyssa, San Francisco. (back row) Paul Mabee, Markus Dünzkofer, John Wilson, Linda Bourne, Peter Kort, Alex Wilson, Wade Richards, Rose Desrochers,
(front row) Joan James, Dorothy Barnes, Dianne Warren, Jo Anne Tharalson, Leslie Buck
7a: c2014. Peter Kort, Billy Sutherland, Amy Grant, Kathryn Jones, Kit Stewart, Sandra Vander Schaaf, ?
8: Congregation photograph. 4 December 2012.

Revised 4 October 2018