The Anglican Church of Canada is part of the 80 million member worldwide Anglican Communion. The primate (chief bishop) of the church in Canada is Archbishop Fred Hiltz.

The Anglican Communion consists of 44 regional, national or member churches, including 34 self-governing Provinces. A member province makes its own decisions. The Anglican Church of Canada is a Province; so is the Church of England. Each province has an Archbishop, Primate or a Presiding Bishop who is the chairperson of the church’s governing body.

Each Province is related to the other, but is at the same time independent. Each Province makes it own laws and governance. No Province can make a decision on behalf of the other Province. Each province agrees to work together as a family of churches under the Anglican Communion.

Anglicans are present in different corners of the world, they have different languages and customs, but they share a common history and pattern of worship. Anglican share a common form of church government were the laity are called to active participation in daily life and in the church community like participating in the synods, church councils and committees.

There are 2 books of worship used in the Anglican Church of Canada: The Book of Common Prayer and the Book of Alternative Services. The Book of Common Prayer was produced by Archbishop Cranmer in 1549 and has gone through a series of revisions. The Book of Alternative Services was authorized by the General Synod in 1985 as an alternative to the Prayer Book though not replacing it.