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James Roberts,
bishop's warden
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James_RobertsJames Roberts was born in New Westminster in 1961. He has a B.A. from UBC in French and Music. He is about to retire from his position as Director of Distribution at the National Film Board of Canada, where he has worked for the last 35 years.  James recently returned from Montreal after working at the NFB’s head office there for 23 years and where he earned a certificate in translation from McGill University. While in Montreal, James attended Christ Church Cathedral, where he was very active in parish life, as a member of the choir, head of the music committee, and the former dean's rector's warden. He is an avid amateur musician, singing in the St. Paul’s choir and playing horn in several community bands and the West Coast Symphony. After his retirement, James plans to work as a freelance translator.
Drina Read,
people's warden
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drina readDrina Read is a long-time Westender who has previously served on the Church Committee as an Alternate Synod Delegate. Drina has been involved in the community, marching in the Pride Parade for many years, running for MLA twice, and helping rescue wildlife. Drina is active on her union local executive, serving as Treasurer, and she is also a Shop Steward. Drina works for the provincial government where she jokingly lists her duties as “a lot of stapling and photocopying”.
For many years, Drina has pursued a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle because she believes that all creatures should be revered and, to that end, she wants to live a cruelty-free life. In addition, protecting the environment has been a focus. Drina likes the newest pillar of the Anglican Church of Canada which is to protect the creation.
In the past, Drina has studied languages, including French, Spanish, German and Russian. She enjoys cooking, especially converting traditional recipes to be vegan. Drina attended the University of Victoria and the University of British Columbia. Drina has an interest in natural remedies.
Drina loves animals and she was involved in a rabbit rescue where hundreds of bunnies were rescued from UVic and transported to a sanctuary in Texas when no local shelters had room for them. Drina’s official position at the time was “bunny wrangler”. This contributed to her and Patty adopting two lovely furry black boys, Truffle and Brownie McGhee.
St. Paul’s Church has literally been a God-send. Drina and Patty learned about the church at an open house a few years ago and they have attended regularly since that time. Drina loves the services all year round and the various ministries and activities, such as the book club and movie night. Drina is very thankful for the blessings of being part of the St. Paul’s Church community.

Finance and Accounting

Treasurer: Robyn Brasell
Financial Assistants: Jack Wood, and John Vanderlee

Church Committee

   Chair:  Doug Schmidt
   Secretary: Jack Wood
   Synod Delegates: Linda Bourne and Tim Conklin
   Alternate Synod Delegates: Stefanie Kennell, Margaret Trim, and Doug Schmidt
   At-Large: Valerie Kennedy, Alejandro Huerta-Rodas,Jack Wood and Cameron Neat