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At St Paul’s we seek, as a community, to find the way to God, the ground of our being that upholds us and gives meaning to our lives. We do this through prayer and by proclaiming, teaching and sharing the Christian message and its prophetic witness as they have been handed down to us by our mothers and fathers in the Faith.

Our worship is inclusive, participatory and full of life. We are a dynamic parish committed to prayer and the discernment of God’s presence as we grow and change.

Every Sunday we offer the wonderful diversity of Anglican worship using the Book of Alternative Services. We have the celebration of the Holy Communion in contemporary language or the traditional manner with a choir and organ.

In both contemporary (informal) and tradition services, St. Paul’s offer a healing ministry in the form of individual laying-on-of-hands.

There are additional celebrations of the Eucharist during special festivals or holy days.